To Sheth Mansukbhai Bhagubhai School
Junior&Senior Kindngarten ,Primary-Std 1 to Std 8, Secondary-Std 9&10,
Higher Secondary Std 11& 12 (Arts & Commerce) .

Our Mission

This school was established more than 100 years ago with a great mission to impart education to the children living in Pethapur,situated near Gandhinagar and about 40 kilometers from Ahmadabad city.Pethapur was a Princely state in the pre-independence time.Today we our proud to have kept the holy torch lighted with the same aim and mission. We strive to impart such education where students understand human values, respect other cultures and thus grow up to be matured and ethical citizens of India. Our vision is to give the students a resourceful learning environment along with the support of advanced technology,that they can develop into global citizens.

Recent Updates